AZIATIX reveals MV for “Alright”

AZIATIX (Jay “Flowsik”, Eddie Shin, and Nicky Lee) releases their third EP ‘Awakening‘. While much of AZIATIX’s style and sound has been light-hearted and romantic, this EP brings to light more social issues.

In the midst of destruction, natural disasters, corruption, and a collapsing economy, AZIATIX reminds us that there is always hope and light even in the darkest of days.”

While we were touring to promote our Nocturnal album, we met people affected by the struggle and hardships,” the group explains. “From natural disasters to the global economic crisis, we were moved to go back into the studio and reflect and convey what we witnessed and experienced. Ultimately the album ended up being an album about hope.”
Their fan base spans the globe, and AZIATIX have heard so many stories from them, where a sense of confidence and well-being is vital. The trio hopes their music will inspire fans and comfort them, knowing that things will get better.

Every record on the album is about the struggles and challenges we face in life and what we can do to overcome them. While some songs are still pop, it’s not really about partying in the club, love, or loss in a typical sense. It’s much deeper,” they explain. Sonically, the group is tinkering with faster bpms, challenging themselves with their sound and instrumentation, moving through multiple genres seamlessly.

Check out the music video to their latest single “Alright” below


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