Fashion King profiles for Yuri, Yoo Ah In, and more

New SBS drama series ‘Fashion King‘ has revealed the official profiles for the four main characters!

Check out the new pictorials as well as the short biography profiles of the characters for Girls’ Generation‘s Kwon Yuri, Shin Sae Kyung, Yoo Ah In, and Lee Jae Hoon below.

Actor Yoo Ah In plays the role of Kang Young Gul, a male in his late 20′s who has never had real goals, or dreamt of a bright future. He let others walk all over him his entire life, and only prayed that he would never cause any harm to hinderance to anyone. In a world where he was told that having a vision for life was foolish, he meets a woman who inspires him to run towards his dreams.

Actress Shin Sae Kyung plays the role of Lee Ga Young, a woman in her early 20′s who although lived a difficult life but never gave up on hope of better days. She was determined that she too, would one day become a designer just like her mother. One fateful day she meets a new man, and the two of them seek out to fulfill their dreams together.

Actor Lee Jae Hoon plays the role of Jung Jae Hyuk, a male in his late 20′s. He has always had it all, and never felt like he was missing anything in life. That is, until he meets a girl that gives him something to live for.

Girls’ Generation’s Kwon Yuri will be playing the role of Choi Anna, a girl in her early 20′s who looks perfectly polished on the outside, but deep inside, desperately longs for companionship. She worked so hard to appear confident, and developed a thick skin in order to endure her life that is full of pain and heartache. But now, she’s ready to stop pretending.

The pilot episode airs on March 12th at 9:55PM KST!

Source & Image: SBS


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