Chris Kim wants You to Follow Him

On February 7th, celebrity sibling Chris Kim, mostly known as One Way’s Chance (Kim Michael Jung)’s little brother, a.k.a Chrispy Kim, calls in need of followers on his twitter account.

As he mentions that if his brother would give him a shout out, he would definitely get double the followers he got now.

He even asks Chance directly for the shout out, and as you can see, his brother responds.

As you can see they get along so well as brothers they are! 🙂
Lets show him some love by following his Twitter account, and if you do, he will sure grace you with his swag!

Follow him :!/chris_kim4

and of course like always, support One Way!

Follow them on Twitter:!/onewaychance!/onewaypeter!/onewayyoungsky


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