IU to throw Japanese promotions into high gear

The Japanese media have announced IU‘s Japanese debut with headlines such as, ‘18-year-old Muse who has revolutionized K-POP is now advancing into Japanese industry‘.

EMI Music Japan who is making this possible for IU is also the home for top female soloists such as Utada Hikaru and Shena Ringo.

IU’s Korean agency Loen Entertainment remarked, “Once promotions for her second full-length album come to a close, she will be holding a showcase in Tokyo in January and put on her first official Japanese event, as well as release her official single in February to officially kick off Japanese promotions“.

Once she makes her Japanese debut, IU’s Japanese albums will be co-produced by both her Korean and Japanese labels who will work together to better promote the singer.

What’s gaining more attention is that producer Cho Young Chul, who has produced some of IU’s classics such as “Good Day” will be teaming up with Okita Hidenobu who has produced Japanese artist Utada Hikaru, and Nagai Shinya who discovered Shena Ringo.

Producer Okita praised the idol star saying, “She has amazing vocals as well as a cute image and an appealing mysterious charm. I want to be able to show the Japanese fans how passionate she is towards her craft“.

IU will be releasing her second full-length album at the end of the month.

Source & Image: OSEN via Nate


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