‘Female 2PM’ girl group APRIL KISS prepares for debut

A new girl group is gearing up to make their debut next month, and they’ve revealed that they’re going with a ‘2PM‘ twist. Averaging a height of 173 cm, this six-member girl group is called APRIL KISS and they claim to boast a performance style as impressive as 2PM’s.

Their agency, Andy Bros, commented, “All of the members have refreshing looks and tall, lean bodies. They can not only pull off impressive performances, but are also highly talented in the areas of dancing, singing, and rapping. Their average height records at 173 cm, so all six members have beautiful long legs that will surely bring joy to those watching them.”

They continued, “They all promoted in different areas before coming together under the mutual dream of becoming singers. They’ve undergone severe training ranging from three to five years. Although they’re a female girl group, they’re capable of a performance style like 2PM’s.”

The group is comprised of members Soomin, Kuji, Haejeun, Sara, Julie, and Shiho.

This teaser of the new group, was actually released way back in April 2010 and does not necessary reflect what they are going to debut with. More than a year has since gone by and they should have improved substantially since.

Source + Photos: OSEN via Nate


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