Interview: Is this a hidden camera? Infinite, A Busy Date With Their Fans

(Sungjong) Sent a “What did you think of me usually?” to member Hoya and he replied —- “What is this?”

(Woohyun) “Is this my hidden camera event?” Showing the largest amount of lives and special talents for the first time during an interview!

Main vocalist, Woohyun, and the youngest, Sungjong, from the 7 membered popular male idol group ‘Infinite’, went on a special date with four female fans picked through a competition rate of 127:1 for the 2nd anniversary of ‘The Star’. The 2 members of Infinite, who appeared with shining, pretty smiles, enjoyed various events with the fans through a friendly mood as if they’ve met friends they’ve known for a while.

On this day, Woohyun and Sungjong, along with the 4 fans, received nail arts while dividing into Woohyun’s team and Sungjong’s team for the games. Through this, they did quizzes relating to Infinite along with various games to help them become friendlier with their fans, creating memories that they won’t be able to forget.

“Woohyun’s Achilles’ heel?” To this question, Woohyun picked his eyes that swell up often as his negative point. Woohyun, who earnestly did all the missions to win the quizzes and games, sang ‘Be Mine’ and his solo song, ‘Time’, from this album along with Jungyeop’s ‘One-sided Love’ on the spot. He also did a split and his bunny aegyo/cute acts because it was a fan’s wish, showing his various colored charms. Taken aback by the frequent punishments, Woohyun repeatedly asked “Is this my hidden camera event?”, causing the fans to laugh.

Also, Sungjong attracted attention for picked f(x)’s Amber and Luna as his best friends who are stars. Sungjong said, “We became friends by going out on the same variety show together.” And added, “Amber noona especially matches well with me.” Sungjong, who actively participated in the games, showed off a ‘Game King’ appearance by shamelessly doing his specialty of girl group dance and making his special dolphin shouting sound during the ‘High-Pitched’ game.

Next is Woohyun and Sungjong’s 1 question, 1 answer quiz.

Q. If you were to move your dorms, which member do you not want to share rooms with?

Woohyun: Sunggyu hyung, who I’m sharing a room with now. The reason is because Sunggyu hyung throws his clothes all over the room floor, but if I step on it, he makes a big fuss. — (Laughter) I can’t even go into the room to look in the mirror. Also, I think it would be nice to live with Sungjong.

Q. What do you want to do once you become an adult?

Sungjong: I want to go somewhere that I can enjoy once I’m twenty years old. (The fans whispered ‘club?’ from the side) I was trying to twist the words around, but I got caught. (Laughter)

Meanwhile, the 7 membered male group, Infinite (Kim Sunggyu, Jang Dongwoo, Nam Woohyun, Hoya, Lee Sungyeol, L, Lee Sungjong), debuted last year with ‘Come Back Again’ and gradually created a fandom while increasing their popularity through releasing ‘BTD’, ‘Nothing’s Over’, and ‘Can U Smile’ and being on various music programs and variety programs. They are in the middle of gaining popularity through their much more mature stage manner and explosive performance with the title song, ‘Be Mine’, of their first official album, ‘Over The Top’.

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr; the star
(The Star was summarizing their video interview, so it might sound like a couple of things are missing. The video is in the source link ^^)


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