Kevin (Fort Lee) says “Oh Yeah” to YoonA

Korean-American, Music Producer/Song Writer/DJ/Singer, Kevin
 Hyunjoong Lee (이현중) better known as @FortLeeMusic made a Cover Remix of GD/TOP – “Oh Yeah” and dedicates it to SNSD‘s YoonA.
Although he usually doesn’t sing in his videos, now we see him stepping up on the rap, and he does it pretty good.
He says its all for fun and recorded this remix mostly to practice mixing vocals and working with Final Cut Pro X.

Check out the remix below:

Kevin is 100% Korean as in his YouTube Channel says, though, he was born in the United States. Right now he live in New Jersey, and got into music production in late 2007

FortLee and One Way

Fort Lee has produced several tunes, including one for projectKOREA IV‘s Superstar KSA competition hosted by the Rutger’s Korean Student Association.

He is very well known for his charismatic K-pop Instrumental Cover Videos

Check him out and follow him:


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