Lee Jang Woo dresses for the summer in ‘Esquire’

A first look at Lee Jang Woo’s romantic photoshoot for the July edition of ‘Esquire‘ has just been revealed!

The actor is currently melting the hearts of many female fans on MBC’s “We Got Married“, appearing as a fresh college couple with T-ara’s Eunjung.

He recently participated in ‘A Soft Summer Day’ themed photoshoot, showcasing his inner cuteness by donning colorful outfits provided by ‘OLZEN‘ in his unusually unruly hair. He also revealed his chic charms while in his natural appearance, showing off somewhat different charms from the avid camper’s normal image.

In addition, the actor reportedly received high praises from the filming staff for his perfect body proportions and edgy poses at the shooting site.

You can find Lee Jang Woo’s complete interview and photoshoot in the new edition of ‘Esquire’!

Source: Newsen via Nate


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