JonYKT to make a cover of “One Way – Rainy Days”

Renown Malaysian RedStar Photographer Jonathan (JonYKT) and his crew is currently filming a “One Way – Rainy Days” cover.
Jonathan Yip, one of the most dedicated Artist-Photographers in South East Asia and Kpop DJ, is now venturing into being a music artist himself, and when it comes to talent, he knows how to spot it! Being an avid ‘One Way’ fan, he felt the need to show his respect and love for their music by making his own cover of such an inspiring song of ‘Rainy Days’.

Check out the video teaser below:

We contacted One Way Peter (@OneWayPeter) and definitely showed his support!

Thank you Peter! ^^

So please support Jonathan and his crew! They are making their best effort for this video cover!
It will be recorded on location and full set studios provided by IMVA Studios
The video is being made by the team at ULTD Works.

To show your support to Jonathan please follow him!
Twitter: JonYKT
Facebook: JonYKT
and on

And don’t forget to always support One Way

The full video is set to come out by mid June, so keep checking this site for the updates!


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