Starbucks turns 40 and gets new logo

Starbucks is celebrating their 40th anniversary with the launch of a new logo and identity. Howard Schultz (CEO), says that the new logo embraces and respects their identity plus evolves the company to a point that’s more suitable to the future.

It could be a bit worrisome that Starbucks, the world’s biggest coffee company, took its name from one of fiction’s biggest tales of hubris, Moby-Dick. The myopic Captain Ahab undertakes an ill-conceived, headstrong journey to slay Moby-Dick, the whale, only to lead his crew – including a hapless first mate named Starbuck – to a watery demise.

The CEO says that the logo is at the core the same – the love of the coffee – but by putting the Siren outside the original logo it allows the company to move beyond just being a purveyor of coffee.

Schultz says: “We’ve always believed the best days of Starbucks are ahead of us. So we’re excited to share with you where we’re going.
Nearly forty years ago – in a small retail space in Seattle’s Pike Place Market – Starbucks began its journey as a roaster and retailer of high-quality coffees from around the world. Back then, we sold only whole bean coffee – we wouldn’t begin offering espresso beverages in our stores until more than a decade later – but the Siren was as much a part of the Starbucks story as she is today

Throughout the last four decades, the Siren has been there through it all. And now, they’ve given her a small but meaningful update to ensure that the Starbucks brand continues to embrace our heritage in ways that are true to our core values and that also ensure we remain relevant and poised for future growth.

As we look forward to Starbucks next chapter, we see a world in which we are a vital part of over 16,000 neighborhoods around the world, in more than 50 countries, forming connections with millions of customers every day in our stores, in grocery aisles, at home and at work. Starbucks will continue to offer the highest-quality coffee, but offering other products as well – and while the integrity, quality and consistency of these products must remain true to who they are, the new brand identity will give us the freedom and flexibility to explore innovations and new channels of distribution that will keep them in step with the current customers and build strong connections with new customers.

You’ll begin to see our evolution starting this Spring. And there will be much more to come, as they celebrate their 40th anniversary by honoring the millions of customers and thousands of partners who’ve made Starbucks such a welcoming presence around the world.


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