Bletchley Performs at Tobacco Road’s Tribute to Led Zeppelin


Bletchley Band joined Tobacco Road‘s Tribute to Led Zeppelin Showcase on Saturday July 31st.
With a wide array of bands coming this was a night to remember.

Tobacco Road

We arrived on time and setup everything for the show, while we waited for the Bletchley’s turn. They were the second band to perform.

Bletchley @ Tobacco Road

The songs Bletchley perform were:
– Thank You – Led Zeppelin
– Learn To Fly – FooFighters
– Hey Jealousy – Gin Blossoms
– Dryers Makers – Led Zeppelin
– Mr. Bright Side – The Killers

They truly “Rock On and Party Hard” the night, as the band members like to say.
With an outstanding performance, great sound of the guitars, bass, drums and an amazing vocals from the lead singer Jevon Olea, the crowd asked for more as they ended their last song, with a “That’s it?” “We want more!” , since it was a showcase, they were on a tight schedule and couldn’t perform more songs.

Jevon @ Tobacco Road
The lead singer, Jevon, who actually plays a variety of instruments learning to play the guitar at age 10. He also plays Bass, Piano and Keyboards.

Ivan @ Tobacco Road
Lead Guitar, Ivan

Javier @ Tobbaco Road
Bass, Javier

J.C. @ Tobacco Road
J.C., Drums

The crowd @ Tobacco RoadThe crowd @ Tobacco Road
Part of the crowd at the showcase!

Don’t forget to check out Bletchley on Facebook for booking and future performances!

And check out their official website

Bletchley thanks Tobacco Road for the great night!
Tobacco Road
626 South Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33130
Ph: 305.374.1198


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